Alissa White

Hello. I'm Alissa, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to Gotcha Matcha, my house of tea.

why i sell matcha tea

To inspire and educate New Comers and Tea Lovers about the unparalleled nutrition of matcha green tea, so that they can achieve their vision of healthy and well.

  • journey

    My first matcha took my breath away. I knew I had to be an ambassador for this healing elixir, to educate new comers on the benefits, rituals and objects.

  • Mission

    To change lives with the unparalleled nutrition of matcha powdered green tea. I invite tea lovers and new-comers to explore a vision of healthy and well that includes all aspects of modern living.

  • Why Matcha

    Rich in antioxidants, especially the renown and powerful EGCg, matcha plays an important role in protecting our cells from free radicals to prevent disease and to slow the aging process.

  • Product of Japan

    Our authentic pure matcha teas are sourced from centuries old farms in Japan, where tea is an art, science and highly evolved cultural cornerstone. We work with renown grower manufacturers to bring you fresh, flavorful and aromatic teas made by skilled artisans using traditional methods.

  • Careful Cultivation

    Our teas are the result of careful cultivation by skilled farmers, and tea artisans working on centuries old tea farms in Japan’s most distinguished growing regions. Gotcha Matcha teas are shade covered, steamed, air-dried and ground on hand-carved stone grinding wheels.

  • small batch

    We import our selections several times during the year, ensuring each lot is as close to harvest as possible.

My Matcha Journey

A Coup de Foudre

It was what the French call a coup de foudre. A love at first site moment.

A friend in tea, opened a sealed tin on my kitchen counter. Green smoke wafted up into the air. I’d never seen anything like it. It reminded me of pigment powder from my college painting days.

Soon I was presented with a jewel-toned aerated bowl of whisked green tea.


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Gotcha Vibes

Gotcha Matcha is at it’s heart, a learning center. A place to gain confidence to choose, purchase and enjoy matcha and reap the benefits from a nourishing daily ritual.

  • each one, teach one.

    I can’t do this alone. If you are already familiar, please tell ten people you know and love about the unparalleled nutritional benefits of matcha tea. You’ll be spreading matcha goodness into the world.

  • life is sweet enough

    Gotcha Matcha encourages everyone to live a sweet life full of adventure, expression and vitality without unnecessary added sugars. Our teas and blends are always sugar-free. 

  • kindness and compassion

    Tea brings people together. Tea invites conversation and sharing. Gotcha Matcha’s tea house invites people to share stories and bond over the common experience of being human.

The Gotcha Matcha Community

Gotcha Matcha isn't just about tea; it's about community. We share in the appreciation of beautiful objects, revel in morning rituals, and savor great food in good company. Our focus is on education, empowerment, and energizing your daily life.