My Matcha Journey

A Coup de Foudre

It was what the French call a coup de foudre. A love at first site moment.

A friend in tea, (truly a mentor) came to my West Village apartment in New York City and opened a sealed tin on my kitchen counter. Green smoke wafted up into the air. I’d never seen anything like it. It reminded me of pigment powder from my college painting days.

Next he proceeded to use exquisite and unfamiliar utensils: a bamboo whisk, resting on a celadon whisk holder, a tapered slender tea scoop and a ceramic tea bowl. These objects were beautiful to behold and handle.

Soon I was presented with a jewel-toned bowl of aerated whisked green tea with a light foam across the top.

I never looked back.



Shortly after, I learned about the unparalleled nutritional benefits of this ancient brew. Rich in antioxidants, especially the renown and powerful EGCg, matcha plays an important role in protecting our cells from free radicals to prevent disease and to slow the aging process.



Living and working in NYC, I was an entrepreneur early on in life and took the initiative to be the bridge between this -then esoteric tea - and the American consumer. I opened an e-commerce site under the name Matcha Source and began to educate new comers via internet marketing.

Knowing I was awakening people to this healing elixir - making it easy, convenient and accessible for them to purchase and use matcha daily at home, work or play made me feel on a right path.

Today, under the name, Gotcha Matcha, I’ve expanded the mission beyond authentic matcha to include healthy functional blends that provide even more access to the at-home matcha consumer. In this iteration, I invite tea lovers and new-comers to explore a vision of healthy and well that includes all aspects of modern living.

I hope everyone will experience their own matcha coup de foudre.

WHAAAAT is Matcha?

Whaaaaaaat is matcha?

Matcha is powdered green tea that has been shade covered, steamed, dried and stone ground. When you consume matcha, you ingest the whole leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients.

What is the best way to drink matcha?

The best way to drink Gotcha Matcha teas is YOUR way. Matcha can be made as a tea with water or used as an ingredient in lattes and smoothies.

How much matcha should I use per serving?

Use between one and two teaspoons per serving. Adjust to taste based on amount of water, milk and sweetener you use in your drink.

What makes matcha so healthy?

Matcha is rich in EGCG, an antioxidant found only in green tea. When you consume matcha, you consume the whole leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients of the tea, unlike brewed tea where the leaf is discarded.