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Gotcha Matcha+CBD Blend

Elevate your self-care with Gotcha Matcha + CBD. Experience the rich taste of matcha enhanced with odorless and tasteless CBD, providing added nurturing cannabinoids for your body and mind.

naturally effective


CBD works in harmony with your endochrine system to fight inflammation in the body

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restorative and natural

Harmonious Healing

CBD naturally interacts with your endochrine system to restore the body's own homestasis.

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authentic and pure

Sourced from Japan

We are expert at sourcing premiuim, authentic matcha teas from centuries old farms in Japan.

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  • Water Soluble

    Our innovative formulation of organic matcha tea with water-soluble CBD ensures rapid absorption and enhanced bioavailability, delivering the full potential of GOTCHA MATCHA CBD in every sip.

  • Broad Spectrum

    Unleash the synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes, and more for holistic ANXIETY relief, improved SLEEP, and potent anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Pure Matcha Taste

    Experience pure matcha taste with orderless and tasteless water- soluble CBD. This unique, water soluble innovation, ensures your matcha tea experience is free from hempy residue and oily resins.

why drink matcha tea with CBD

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The Gotcha Matcha Community

Gotcha Matcha isn't just about tea; it's about community. We share in the appreciation of beautiful objects, revel in morning rituals, and savor great food in good company. Our focus is on education, empowerment, and energizing your daily life.

Sip Life Differently

I believe that you have the potential to sip life differently, to embrace a unique vision of holistic wellness. I'm here to support your journey, to inspire you, and to be your partner in wellness.

So, welcome to Gotcha Matcha. Let's make matcha a daily wellness ritual, a journey of restoration, and a celebration of boundless energy. I'm here to share the matcha love with you, and together, we'll embark on a journey that's truly transformative.

With matcha magic and wellness wishes,

Alissa White
Founder, Gotcha Matcha