Brainbow Matcha Turmeric Latte

The health benefits of matcha tea are boosted with this delicious almond milk and turmeric latte enriched with brain-loving MCT oil. Make it hot or cold. Sweeten to taste.


  • matcha
  • turmeric
  • MCT, or coconut, oil
  • alt mylt
  • sweetener of choice


Prepare matcha by whisking in a small bowl or frothing in a mug. Combine milk, MCT oil and turmeric in a blender. Pour into your bowl or mug.

Or, combine milk, MCT and turmeric in a blender then add your matcha shot and continue blending.

Option to serve over ice for an iced cold refreshment, Or, prepare milk and flavors over the stove to warm the milk, then combine with whisked matcha.

The Brainbow works hot or cold. Sweeten to taste with honey or maple syrup. Add vanilla or cinnamon. Experiment with flavors that taste good to you. 

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