How much matcha I should use? I'm not sure.

The rule of thumb here is:

two almond-shaped teascoops

The tea scoop is the traditional bamboo utensil used to transfer matcha from the tin or pouch into your teabowl. These elegant spoons with a scalloped base, naturally guide eye to the perfect amount.



Some like it hot, some like it bold. You do you. Adjust accordingly for flavor and taste. But know that 1 teaspoon (2 grams) provides a bounty of nutrients to tide you over the entire day. Adding more matcha powder isn't always beneficial. Read on...


Matcha is a whole food, full of fiber. It does what fiber does, so if your system is sluggish you may experience a boost. 

Start with less powder and more water if you are not sure or experience any discomfort.


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